Hello, and welcome to Permanent-Cosmetics-Training.Com ! This is the online resource for those researching permanent makeup classes and training schools. Congratulations  on your decision to enter this exciting field!   We have compiled this site as a resource for those interested in becoming a certified permanent makeup technician. Whether you are a cosmetologist or  esthetician working in a day spa, a tattoo artist, or  are in a completely different industry, permanent  cosmetics can be an interesting, rewarding,  and lucrative business. If you are the type of person who works hard at something, doesn't give up easily, and has the patience to learn, this is the place for you !! Our site includes general industry information, as well as information on taking permanent makeup classes and OSHA bloodborne pathogens certification  with renowned trainer Terry Lively.

If you would like to see photos of our students' work, check out our Facebook page. We've got tons of pics and even videos of students working in class. The link is to the right at the bottom of the sidebar. Otherwise, feel free to delve  into our site to learn the following:

What to look for in reputable permanent makeup schools.

Equipment used in the application of pigments on skin. You have a choice in  the type of equipment you wish to train on. What are the differences in equipment, and how do you make a choice?  What are the equipment costs?  What are the  pros and cons of each type of machine?   Does one type of equipment result in more of a natural look than another, or is it simply the technique  or skill of the technician?   Does the permanent makeup school include an equipment package, or do you have to pay extra for your equipment and supplies?

Microblading. What is "microblading", and how does it differ from traditional permanent cosmetic makeup application? 

State licensing and legislation, what does  YOUR state require?  Each state and city has their own licensing laws, zoning restrictions, and other requirements. We will give you some information on where to begin your research on laws and licensing.  


Color theory information and how pigments are made. Why is it so important to understand how  pigments are made? Is color theory really so scary?   

Allergic reactions to pigments - are they common? What does an allergic reaction look like, and can anything be done if a client has an allergic reaction? 

OSHA and NIOSH laws and compliance. Are permanent makeup technicians under OSHA? How will you know if your studio falls under OSHA? If you are under OSHA, what can happen if you fail to comply with these laws? 

How to protect yourself when working on clients in your spa or  studio. Have you heard of MRSA?  Is it something we have to be concerned about in the tattoo industry?  What are other major concerns regarding  safety?

Links to professional organizations. What are the benefits of joining an organization?  Is it expensive?  Is it really necessary to join? How much does it cost? Are there  permanent makeup conventions to attend? 

Board certification and taking exams once you have completed your primary classes. Organizations that offer these exams include the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM),  and the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP).  Our site contains information on both of these organizations. 

What is the future of  the permanent cosmetics industry? With our economy in a down swing, is it a wise career choice?

Keeping abreast of legislation, and how to do so.


Terry not only sees private clientele in her studio, but  is a certified trainer member with the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals,  and has taught literally hundreds of students throughout the years.  Since the beginning of her career in 1998, she has completed over 7000 permanent makeup procedures on clientele.  She was  designated a "Master Instructor" by The Permanent Cosmetic Instructor's Association. Terry is also a certified Softap trainer and teaches classes in the hand infusion method of application.     In 2001 Terry attended esthetics school and became a licensed skin care and makeup artist in the State of Texas .  She was board certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation in 2001, and served as an  approved OSHA Outreach Instructor for 6 years.

Beginning in 2014, Terry brought in a young, talented artist to share in teaching permanent cosmetic makeup classes. Neely Snow is a licensed medical esthetician and makeup artist. She has worked with several physicians in medical settings, and has been doing permanent makeup for over 8 years.

Please visit our links  to learn more about this fabulous industry.   Each additional page has even more links on various subjects pertaining to  permanent makeup classes, insurance, board certification, choosing a  school, OSHA, etc.  So keep digging through this website and you will find extensive industry information,  and what you need to become a  certified technician. If you still can't find what you're looking for, or just want to talk to someone about the permanent cosmetics industry, give Terry or Neely a call at 210-585-8410. 

But how do you select a school?  This is a big investment, so make sure you do your homework prior to signing on the dotted line. The following article will give you some tips on questions to ask. 

How to Choose A Reputable Permanent Makeup  Training School


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